Yala National Park

Even though it’s one of the most common National Park in Sri Lanka I must admit it’s really worth seeing and visiting. The first impression might not be so good when you stand in the huge line before the sunrise early in the morning just to buy a ticket surrounded by heaps of cars waiting for their customers but a bit later on when everybody is gone into their directions you can finally start admiring the place and notice it splendour. Founded in 1938, second if it comes to the size park on this island has a lot to offer. If you lucky enough you can even see some leopard. But don’t get discouraged! There are some less shy creatures as well like elephants, crocodiles,  peacocks, buffalos, wrasses, monkeys, dears, wild pigs, lizards and loads od different types of birds (:

The entrance costs 20 USD (depending on the no of ppl in the car) but as you travel around Sri Lanka you will notice that all the entrances are not being the cheapest ones though spending this amount of money on the Yala Park is definitely worth it. You also must hire some car which is around 40 USD but dividing it among 6-7 ppl turns out not to be such a tragedy after all (: I find it much simpler to organise the whole trip from Tissamaharama village where you can find loads of cheap places for the overnight as well. The most popular safari starts before the sunrise and ends up around 11 am. You have also the option of afternoon version that starts at 3 pm and lasts till 6 pm or slightly more expensive one that lasts all day.












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