Full moon fascination has been a mystical force since centuries. Force that well used can be extremely important for our emotional and spiritual development. During meditation, mind becomes a channel to receive the energies of divine light, love and power; wherefore we can increase a positive energy within ourselves or wreak havoc on all our emotions. As the full moon generates the enormous amount of energy, we have to have a calm mind to receive a positive effect. Everything that happens inside our mind will be strengthened; so if we feel angry; we will feel angrier if we are happy; we will feel happier. We must be aware that each energy – nor is it positive or negative – will be deepened at that time.
This particular period can also influence our sensitiveness, exasperation or emotional behaviours creating some hypersensitive feelings. Meditation and purification can neutralize those influences by balancing and calming them down. It may be very helpful for everyone struggling with this particular issue. Thus, apart for its enriching effect, full moon offers many other benefits such as; deeper purification, greater spiritual experiences, faster manifestation of wishes, spiritual empowerment, energy repletion and recharged body sensation.

As you can imagine now, full moon and its power is a great opportunity for meditation. Although any time is good for meditation and people who are ready and attainable can connect with the energies of divine, there are some energy cycles that make this easier and more forceful; whereas full moon is one of them. Dedicating that one evening a month for a deep meditation can bring the ultimate benefits to our body and mind. I truly recommend it to everyone who still hesitates or wonders. It might be a new journey towards new, uplifting emotions, self-understanding and simply towards yourself.


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