Exploring the Crete island

I’ve almost forgot how stunning Europe is ! I’m so grateful that I could see something different to admire and appreciate our European sceneries and nature even more now.



P1000608Before making a decision about Crete we were wondering a lot where to go and what to see. As neither of us been to Greece we decided to go to Crete island, rent a car and go all over the island to see as much as we can, learn about the place, taste new flavors and find out what is it about this place that everyone is so impressed with. Now we know ! It’s people, food, landscapes and general atmosphere that makes this place absolutely unique. Unfortunately we had only 7 days and as it may sounds heaps for a small island – it’s actually not ! If only we had more time (;



P1000505We started with the west side of the island, hiked the Samaria Gorge National Part, explored Heraklion and then east part of the island around Sitia which we think is the most wonderful part of Crete (so untouched, wild and calm) and then the south where the coast is more rough and windy with most breathtaking sunsets. At the same very end we had some lunch on the rocks with the view on the Lake Kournas and finished the whole trip by having an amazing dinner in one of alley of Chania city.



P1000770Oh by the way, it’s a paradise for vegetarians ! As I though it’s gonna be tough with the food not eating meat it turned out Crete has loads to offer for veggies. The food was splendor everywhere we were with lots of different choices. But I was the most enchanted by Chania that turned out to be a paradise for the ones who love organic food, cosmetics, small artistic places with plenty modern atmospheric restaurants, cafes, shops and galleries hidden in tiny alleys of the Old Town.



P1000686If you visit the island you can also try cave diving on both sides of the island where you can actually enter the cave and dive inside it us unfortunately couldn’t make it as the water conditions weren’t good that time but I truly believe it must be absolutely amazing ! I really hope we’ll manage to come back there someday to enjoy the island once again but for know we need to start thinking about our next trip – Lisbon ! Awww can’t wait.



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  • Crete is also my favorite Greek island! if you are close to Chaina recommend amazing place -Balos lagune.( eastern coast about 20 km from Kissamos)Enjoy the view!

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