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A lot of people base them self on the opinion that Bali is very commercial and that there is nothing besides loud parties and beaches. Well you can’t be more mistaken ! If you spend more then one day there, try to convince yourself that Bali offers much much more than that and that actually it is a place where you can stay for longer being sure that you won’t be bored after few days. Below we created a list of places worth visiting on Bali (the order doesn’t matter) (:


Do you fancy yoga and a good food? If your answer is yes then you’ll stay in Ubud for more then you think! It’s always pointed as a “must see place” on Bali and I must say there is really something magical about the place. Maybe it’s people maybe art galleries or maybe something else anyway everybody should come here  even just for a moment (: If you can go for a Kecak dance show as well.


It’s a perfect place to swim (unfortunately there is no much places on Bali where you can find beach like this, because of either big waves or rocks)  additionally you can visit fish market and after eat some delicious sea food with the beach view.


If it comes to us it’s one of the most atmospheric places on the entire island. Rice fields, cosy bars, silence, beautiful resorts and quiet questhouses. It’s a perfect place for long walks far away from the city life. If you don’t have any idea for the romantic evening with your girlfriend take her to Sideman (:


It’s a great place for snorkelling and scuba diving. The wonderful coral reefs offers heaps of different amazing species which you can see even from the very shallow water. A lot of dive sites are just nearby the coast. Besides you will find there a tiny village with a few nice restaurants and some diving schools that offer tours around the place.


If you want to avoid crowds on Mount Batur hike on the Mount Agung. There is a big chance that the only people there will be you and your guide.


Collect a group of friends, buy some food, beverages and make a whole day trip (: It’s not on a trail cruise so you won’t probably meet many people there but you’ll find few amazing waterfalls, where you can swim, jump and relax among the nature.


It’s a great place for relaxing evening with a great food, views and swimming-pool. (it’s not so expensive as it may look like)


I would say it’s surfer’s paradise. Even if you don’t surf it’s worth seeing for the stunning views, people and the food (specially The Cashewnut Tree). Additionally it’s on the way to Uluwatu so you can link it into a one trip (:


Another surfer’s paradise but also just a paradise. It’s situated on the rocks and the views there are absolutely amazing.


With it’s huge wreck located nearby the shore, accessible for everyone it’s a great place to see the underwater life and try scuba diving! If you can try a night dive there as well – it’s magic!


This place Is known by everyone and I also think that evening drink on the beach in Seminyak and party in Kuta somehow creates the Bali atmosphere (: And if you’re into some bigger shopping it’s a good place for that as well.


Did you ever wanted to surf? Well, I guess that’s the perfect place to do it! Far from the noisy Kuta, with lots of nice, cosy bars in the middle of the beautiful green area. Even if you don’t have surfing on the list of things to do it’s worth to come here just for the atmosphere.


You can feel like in the middle of nowhere here which is so so good! Empty beach, silence, no infrastructure all of that make this place really special – but first you need to find a way leading down to the beach (:

IMG_011214. ROCK BAR

It’s a little bit rigidly but the view as well as the whole resort is breathtaking and it’s worth to come here even just for one drink and sunset when coming back from Uluwatu for example (:

IMG_012315. SANUR

It’s not really any special place but for us it’s pretty much sentimental as we lived there (: But must say it’s a good base for all the trips around the island and it’s also quitter than Kuta. If you somehow end up in Sanur take a walk along the beach, find a Jack Fish restaurant and try Mahi Mahi fish – it’s absolute heaven ! (:


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