YTT first steps

Dreams do come true! We’re already here. It’s our second day since the YTT has started and I must admit that it’s going to be a very intensive month. The school welcomed us with a lovely fire ceremony that was all about getting rid of all the negative energy we hold within ourselves. From the very beginning we were introduced into the new wolrd and experience with a tiny glance of what happens next. Our days won’t be lazy though, we need to get up at 5 am and go to be dat latest at 10 pm, after days filled up with classes, meditation and yoga. To fully experience emotions and purification we need to stay out of any drugs, alkohol and food from outside the school and our bodies need to be rested and relax to fully accomplish all the tasks prapared for each day.




I’ve got the impression that the atmosphere in here is at the same time challenge and salvation. India it self is not a place for relaxation. I really needed loads of time to turn myself off to all the sounds around, all the scents, regular water or electricity problems. Though I’m finding it very charming lately, guess I’ve just needed a bit more time for that? (: Or maybe it’s a magic of Rishikesh, anyway I’m very grateful that I can experience all those emotions once again. I think it will give me loads of new feelings and impressions. Not to mention about yoga it self!

25_10    25_7




Cross your fingers for us. Till next time!

Apolina x

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