My first time on Camiguin did not make a good impression on me. Maybe because of the weather, it rained heavily all the time, which undoubtedly dispels the charm of the place, especially if you spend there only three days. Luckily I gave the island one more chance and this time I had an opportunity to discover it. It is located only 10km to the north from the Mindanao Island, a small volcanic island is not a part of the most common touristic route. An island of seven volcanos, the highest one reaches 1500 meters above sea level. It is that small that you can drive around it on scooter in two hours (60 km of circumference), but still big enough to be explored and find new, interesting places. Peace and quiet mixed with always smiled and friendly citizens makes you want not want to leave this island. Those who prefer to spend time actively might be interested in trekking through the jungle, climbing the volcanos, scuba diving, snorkelling and taking baths in cold and hot springs. It is worth to remember that above all it is a quiet and peaceful place with rather no night life and therefore all “party animals” might feel a bit disappointed, but it’s good to take a break from partying hard once in a while, isn’t it?








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