Boracay is not for Indiana Jones?

“You should avoid visiting Boracay, it is a place full of tourists, very noisy, expensive and there literally nothing worth to see”. I would not count how many times I have heard that quote from “true” travellers, during the months I have spent on the Philippines. Those true-breed adventurers, whom you can meet in Poland as well, acting as if they were Indiana Jones, feeding us with exaggerated stories about their discoveries might make those people who just to want to see the world feel bad about themselves. They would always say that Boracay in the Philippines, Goa in India, Bali in Indonesia and of course all Thai islands are commercial area and whoever goes there is unworthy of calling himself a true traveller. Those adventurers never visit those places, always sleep in a tent, they hunt for food and speak only with the local tribesman, right? It’s true that it’s cool to discover places outside the known trails, but on the other hand there’s nothing bad about to enjoy yourself in more popular places, which still are a part of a certain country. If we omit them we do not see the full picture. You might find something unique even in a very popular place; you just need to look for it. Everyone travels as he likes and for different reasons, therefore we should not categorize people into “better” and “worse” travellers. Each “ordinary” tourist as opposed to “great explorers” who often travel for the glory and materials to publish new, not necessarily good, book, takes the trip for himself and comes back richer in experience.


If by any chance someone visits Borcay I would recommend accommodation at station no. 3 (The Three House area) or a very quiet Dinwind beach. Additionally you simply have to go for an afternoon drink and the sun set at Spider House. For the supper go to the di Talipapa sea fruit marketplace. In the evening visit the Red pirates bar, listen to live music, and maybe hire a boat for an afternoon sailing along the island up to Puka beach. You may also nicely spend an afternoon, meet new people, eat lunch, and jump from the cliff to the sea during a sea trip up to Ariel’s point. For those who prefer to rest actively – scuba diving, wind- and kite surfing at Bulabog beach, and for super-extremal adventurers overnight tournament in drinking vodka on time at Cocomangas Club.


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