The way to become the instructor

I remember it like it happened today, when I first walked into the water with all that heavy equipment on my back. It was in Tailand at Koh Tao in 2007. It seems not so long ago, and yet it is already six years from my first OPEN WATER DIVIR course. Since that time I have not dived a lot, only sporadically during some trips when I had an opportunity. On 2010 again in Thailand and again on Koh Mak I managed to complete another course, this time it was ADVANCED DIVER. It gave me new opportunities to explore the underwater world. The real diving adventure began in 2012 when, again on Koh Tao, I have completed RESCUE DIVER course. That was the first time when I thought more of scuba diving; it was the time when I realized that it brings me a lot of joy. Since then things started to gain pace. By the end of 2012 I have participated in a nearly two-month course for DIVEMASTER (the most interesting of my courses) on a small island of Pulau Weh, north of Sumatra. It was one before last step in the long journey to obtain instructor’s degree. I had to complete additionally a two-week instructor course, which I managed to do on Hikkudawa in Sri Lanka. In the end I had to pass a two-day exam, which I have luckily passed three days ago.












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