Silence before the storm

Shoulg I go, or should I stay longer? I made up my mind with no hesitation. After two weeks spent in Bishkek it is time to go further.

We are leaving just before the elections. Form the outside it all looks normal. Election picnics, billboards, posters, and advertising spots. Unfortunately many citizens claims, that this only “silence before the storm”. They should know what they’re saying; it’s their country after all.

This country had some rough times after the Soviet Union collapsed; it was a young and promising democracy at first and eneded up as totalitar, corrupted country ruled by uncompromising Askar Akayev.

In 2005 leaders of the opposition came to power, they claimed that they want to make changes. Unfortunately it quickly appeared that the most of the profits that came from changing the authorities was taken by the new president, his family and his collaborators.

Another revolution was the outcome of the way they were ruled, president Bakiyev was overthroned on April this year. Unfortunately this time it took casualties. Only in Bikshek overy 90 people were killed.

It is a country where last ten years, completely separated from reality, only extended the ethnical conflicts. One of them was escalated in June this year in the southern Kirgistan where many people were slaughtered because of their nationality. Over two thousand people were killed, mostly Uzbek people living in this territory. Due to there events over 200 thousand people run away to Uzbekistan fearing for their lives.

It is a country where interests of two powerful countries are clashing. Both the Americans and Russians have their military bases in Kirgistan.

Only few months passed since the revolution and today is the election day. Election which hppefully will not cause any riots, like in June…

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  • Na tych Amerykanow i Rosjan nakladaja sie jeszcze Chinczycy. Turcy pewnie tez cos od siebie dorzucaja. Nowa Wielka Gra.

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