About us



Travelling means something different to every one of us and doesn’t always have to indicate a far away trips. For me at this particular moment, travelling is a lifestyle and work as well as constant exploration and a never-ending lesson. It’s also an attempt to understand the surrounding reality and simple pleasures as sport, books, photograpy or new flavours.

It all started in high school where our principal used to organize trips to Asia for teenagers – which were kinda like school of life. That’s where and when the idea of travelling and free choises was instilled in me. I visited different countries, not only in Asia, as a participant at first and later as a guide for many many years. Then, my studies, gap year and a job in Sweden that were just to fulfil my another dream – half a year overland trip to India and further. I’m not really sure when I became a guide of tramping trips to far away parts of the world but today as a guide in Laurazja club and also as an organizer of my own trips I have the ability to continue my passion. Since July, 2010 I have been basically living in Asia, just changing the country and deciding to stay in annually. It gives me the opportunity to not only visit but also be a part of a different places and culture, it also gives me a chance to make my dreams real and satisfy my curiousity of how is it like to belong to a thai boxing school or a meditation retreat. What adventures might bring biking for a month in Sumatra or driving a motorcycle across the Philippines or Sri Lanka? What does the underwater world hide? How long will I manage to make it on just one Island? Or whether am I or not too old to surf and kite surf? And that’s what this blog is all about – about the lifestyle on the road, getting to know the world with all the senses, looking for inspirations and trying to make all the dreams to become real…



A huge admirer of earth, mind, spirit and life. Originally from Poland. Born in the family of travellers, adventurers and people who were free enough to push me into directions of life I’ve ever wanted with no boundaries and limitations but support and love. Thanks to them I am who I am, I do what I love and I am not afraid to follow my dreams and desires.

I am not a traveller, I am a wonderer who seeks to find a perfect place and a path to go through life. Still a bit confused still a bit lost. And that’s probably why I don’t hesitate to make quick decisions, change directions, try new things. I haven’t found my stability yet, but I’ve found my passion and my love that I consider a huge success! My passion to ocean and underwater life, yoga and spirits of life as well as love to a man that fulfills me in every possible way.

Me and J are two free souls that met at one point in their lives and just wanted to go further up together with each other on the side. With his work, my studies in Poland and Australia we have been separated a lot but still we’re trying to be with each other as much as possible hoping to find a place someday we would be able to call home (: For now, home is us, home is earth and every single place we’re with each other.

Through this blog we’ll try to inspire you and show you that you can travel, love and be free when at the same time you can explore yourself, live limitless life and do what you desire anywhere you are.