Himalayan Sun Salutation

Frozen feet and hands, cold air penetrating the whole body. Standing at the top of the Kunjapuri Temple and waiting for the sun to emerge from behind the mountains. Drawing the solar energy from the very morning energized me from within. I feel that my body, mind and soul absorb everything in here. Energy is harmonised and mind is purified. It’s really worth to stop for a minute sometime and reflect on what our head and our thoughts are telling us.

25_27The YTT I’m taking is not only the wisdom that is passed during the classes, but also the wisdom forwarded by the whole society around. Unbelievable how strong the gratitude value is in Hindu culture. Gratitude, which occurs regardless of how much we have; coming from the need of the soul, not the external ego. Gratitude in our consciousness mind is a thanksgiving for all we have and all we have experienced through our life; no matter if that’s s much or little. Every day here I admire them even more; as no obstacles make them look at life without seeing those good things about it. They are thankful, they bow to each other, and they smile. That’s s what truly inspires me. As isn’t it just beautiful to simply be grateful for what you have than grumble of what you don’t?

25_22aMy meditation path requires me to stop, think and reflect. Every day during each class I bow down and I’m thankful. I’m building new emotions and new beliefs wherefore I truly believe that the gratitude is a first step to a better life. The spell thrown on the misery and failure, and the pill that cures subjective states of mind, restores balance, respect, security and confidence to the ambient world. True gratitude lets us stay positive even through inauspicious circumstances. That is why today I am very grateful that I could worship the rising sun in such a unique way.



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